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Earl Travis Taylor with sisters Crystal & Sandy - EarlTravisTaylor.comEarl Travis Taylor was born in Edmonton, Alberta.  Shortly after, his family moved to Vancouver, BC, where his two younger sisters were born.

Earl was painfully shy as a youngster, due to being hospitalized for a large portion of his childhood. Earl has said that he had a hard time speaking in a group, and could not speak in public for a great many years, even into adulthood.  It was not until his mid-twenties that Earl Travis Taylor first started to address his bashfulness by ‘performing’. Earl bought his first guitar when he was 18, and mainly taught himself to play, by playing along with songs on the radio.  He later studied the music theory behind the songs’ construction due to a naturally inquisitive nature. He also began to sing, but did not sing in public for many years after learning the guitar; still painfully timid.Earl Travis Taylor - singer songwriter - Playing in and around Langley, BC - EarlTravisTaylor.com

Playing guitar came in handy for meeting people and socializing around the campfire or, backyard parties and other casual events. Earl could follow a chord chart fairly well and it was easy for him to play rhythm in a group. Here he recalls the first band that he joined: “It was a cover act and we had about 40 classic rock songs in our repertoire. It’s funny to think back now because we didn’t deem them “classic” at the time… but still; the very first time we played a show, the stage had pillars on it, and I spent a large portion of the show standing behind one of them. I was a decent enough rhythm guitar player but, needless to say; my stage presence was lacking.” Earl didn’t last long with this group, and gave up performing for a long while, shortly after this breakup.

The next (and natural) progression in Earl Travis Taylor’s attempt to address his introversion was singing in public. At first, it was in casual situations with people he knew. Earl has often said that it’s easier to sing in front of a group of strangers (no matter how large the group); than with a small group of people that he knew. Earl was almost 30 years old before he could comfortably sing in public.Earl Travis Taylor - Blues Singer/Songwriter - Delta, BC

By this point, he had written a few songs a few songs he thought were pretty good, and a few years after he joined the Nashville Songwriters Association International‘s Langley Chapter, which eventually evolved into the BC Songwriters’ Showcase Association.  Earl has stated many times, that he has learned a lot from this group of singer songwriters over the years, but the friendships are what he cherishes most.  Earl continues to see them, as well as performing with them, and for them, every second Wednesday at the BC Songwriters Showcase & Open Mic.

Earl lives in Delta with his wife, and animal menagerie. He loves visiting with his two kids and one grandchild.


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