Earl Travis Taylor is a singer, songwriter, performer who has a style of his own: Roots-Based Country Blues

A late bloomer he started to sing in his thirties and songwriting career started at this time with early songs like “Tell It Like A Cowboy” and “A Ring And A Promise”.  Although his early country music songwriting was influenced by his mother and father, it was the blues and jazz sounds of the South that captured his imagination, as well as the southern sounds that were coming out of America in the Seventies.

Influences include: BB King, Steve Gaines and John Fogerty, among many others.

“I like any music that catches my attention.  I believe that a truly great song will sound good in any genre and I try to mix them up to test this theory once in a while.” 

Earl Travis Taylor.

Earl performs in and around the Vancouver area.

Earl Travis Taylor - Blues Singer/Songwriter - Delta, BC