Earl Travis Taylor – Getting Up On Stage

Contrary to his current on-stage persona, where he is gregarious and a story-telling raconteur, off-stage Earl Travis Taylor is a reserved and rather private person, who generally prefers not to talk about his personal life. It may seem a bit odd then, that Earl would choose songwriting for his artistic expression. Especially given that Earl Travis Taylor has said on numerous occasions that there is a nugget of truth in each lyric, and how each song he writes is founded in reality.Earl Travis Taylor - Blues Singer/Songwriter - Delta, BC

A running joke between Earls’ family and friends is that if you hang around long enough, you get a song written about you!

Earls’ first foray into recording came after he approached a local singer/songwriter with a couple of his own songs on the radio, and being told that because recording time was expensive, he would choose to record his own songs before recording anything written by anyone else.

This statement might seem to be off-putting to many, but for Earl it served as inspiration. Earl has said that the artists’ honesty was refreshing, and that it was an inspiration to find that kind of sincerity in the music industry.

The radio star went on to say that Earl would be better off to try and make it on his own, rather than to try to pitch songs to others.

Earl Travis Taylor - EarlTravisTaylor.com - Delta, BCThis created bit of a quandary for Earl, because at the time, he had a problem with performing in public. However, he was determined, and with a few songs in his repertoire, and his goal of improving his performances and becoming a true singer/songwriter… Earl forced himself to learn the craft of ‘performing’.

It was soon after this, that Earl Travis Taylor joined a local songwriting group… helping out as a volunteer, board member and learning how to become a performer.

Earl has often been heard to say, “Learning how to perform in front of an audience takes practice and is an art in its own right,” adding, “It took a lot of work, for me to appear to be able to perform with ease. This is something we try to foster in our new performers at the BC Songwriters.”

Earl believes that it is completely due to the blunt honesty of another singer/songwriter, that he has become a performer as well as a songwriter.


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