Aunt Rosie CD Singles

Earl Travis Taylor is pleased to announce the release of two ‘Aunt Rosie’ singles, on a single CD.  There is a full band version, as well as a blues version.

They are available on BandCampclick here to check them out!

This release will mark the first step in a long overdue release of recordings, that the many friends and fans of Earl Travis Taylor have been calling for, for many years.

Here is the story, in Earl’s own words:

I came to Vancouver to record a long overdue set of songs for my very first project as I had been writing for over 20 years and all I had to show for it was a few demos. I had a loose Idea in my head that I would ‘scout’ for players that I thought would suit my music but, I’ll admit I was as green as they come when it comes to production, even though I had learned a few things over the years with the demo projects and a little home studio etc. 

It turns out I’m not much into engineering although I understand the principles, but it suits me best to sit in the ‘artist’ chair, with an instrument or microphone in front of me. Chip Hart -

At any rate; the first band I checked out in Vancouver was a band called the Arsen Shomakhov Trio at the Fairview Pub on Broadway, which by happenstance had Chip Hart, the drummer from the Twisters, which is IMHO the best rocking, swinging, jumpin’, blues band in Canada. 

Next up, we have Sam Shoichet. Sam has also played bass in the Twisters, from time to time over the years.  Chip introduced me to Sam… and Sam is a character to say the least, and the reason there are two versions of this song. So I have my rhythm section booked with Sam at Barrell House Sound in Vancouver and away we go. I am kind of nervous and I start playing the same guitar lick as the blues version of the song with HarpDog. We then discussed beats and meter and Sam throws out an idea for the intro that you hear on the big production. 

Sam Shoichet - EarlTravisTaylor.comNow, in retrospect, it would have been wise to record beds for both versions at that time, but fortune smiles upon guys like me… and the plot thickens. We proceed with Sam’s suggested arrangement and make all of the executive decisions that were encompassed by that decision which were too many to mention individually because I’m talking about a 12 piece band.

With everyone’s help, I massaged this project through recording and numerous mixes through to mastering and when it was complete in joyful bliss gave a free download to a few friends and supporters.  Within minutes of me posting the song, early in the morning, I got a message from HarpDog Brown, asking “Who’s playing harp?”  I had met the Dog through friends, and I started attending his shows whenever he was playing around Vancouver.  The Dog and I hit it off, for various (and obvious) reasons, and I consider him a good friend, since the first time I met him. Before I could respond, and tell him it was me; he added that he could do better!  HarpDog Brown -

Well, obviously, saying ‘Yes’ to the two-time Maple Blues Award winning Harmonica player of the year, was a no-brainer… and the next thing you know, I have HarpDog Brown booked at Barrel House Sound and the rest is history. Thanks Dog !!!

 Again, it has been a pleasure working with, and making friends with, all of the players on this project.

It’s good to know I have nine more songs like this in various stages of completion.

I hope you all enjoy listening to them, as much as I had fun making them!

Love and Light !

Earl Travis Taylor


The folks involved in the recording process, are:

Side ‘A’ – Aunt Rosie

Chip Hart – Drums

Sam Shoichet – Bass

Will MacCalder – Piano

Dave Webb – Hammond B3

Jerry Cook – Sax(x3)

Derry Byrne -Trumpet

Brian Harding – Trombone

Rebecca Shoichet – Sassy Background Vocals

Earl Travis Taylor – Vocals, Guitar and Harmonica

Special thanks to Sam Shoichet for the song arrangement, and Jerry Cook for the horn arrangement.

All tracks were recorded at Barrel House Sound, except the Hammond B3, which was recorded at Stella Music by Tim Hearsey


Side ‘B’ – Aunt Rosie Blues

Chip Hart – Drums

Bruce O’Neil – Doghouse Bass

HarpDog Brown – Harmonica

Earl Travis Taylor – Guitar and Vocals

Recorded at Barrel House Sound


Finally, Earl would like to thank his sister Crystal Hayes for the album cover artwork, Jim McGregor for “the words”, Scott Woolard at Barrell House Sound for his “ears” & engineering expertise, as well as Rob Stewart at for the final polish.



Aunt Rosie

“Aunt Rosie” is a song which I had kicking around in my head for a while.  It is loosely based on my dear old Aunt Rose. 

With a sense of the music, and an idea of the theme, I took it to wordsmith (and former Langley Fire Chief) Jim MacGregor, who helped to tighten up the lyrics.

This is how “Aunt Rosie” (the song) was born.

Over the next few years, Aunt Rosie, along with other songs I’ve written, got finessed and tweaked, as I performed them at various venues.  Along the way, many folks would request it, and other songs… and also ask if I had any CDs of my music.

It was with this encouragement, and a bit of spare time, I figured the time was right to do something about it!

I knew I would need a studio…somewhere in Vancouver… with a friendly warm atmosphere.

Luckily, I came across Barrell House Sound in East Vancouver!  Engineer/Owner Scott Woolard was knowledgeable and willing to work with me… a completely green songwriter with a desire to work towards producing an album.

I knew I would want some top-notch musicians, and I made a plan to spend time in Vancouver and ‘scout’ musicians and to pair them up with what I had in my head.  However, I quickly realized that I had taken for granted how many awesome musicians there are in Vancouver.  The area is loaded with talent!

Earl Travis Taylor - EarlTravisTaylor.comAgain, luck played a hand, as I ran across one band that stood out, amongst the rest:  The Twisters!  They have a jumpin’, jazzy, bluesy sound that gets deep into your soul.  I immediately introduced myself to the drummer Chip Hart, who, along with original bass player, Sam Shoichet, helped me lay the bed tracks (the foundation for any recording project) for the seven songs that I had written.

Eventually, it will be an album called “A Hundred Miles from Hope”… but for now, “Aunt Rosie” is the initial track. #BabySteps

After the ‘bed’ tracks were recorded, I set about finding other musicians, with which to add “seasoning” to the project.

Will MacCalder came on board to play piano, and suggested Jerry Cook for saxophone.  Jerry then introduced me to trumpeter Derry Byrne and Brian Harding on trombone.  I should point out that although I was feeling a little overwhelmed at this point, I was having a great time meeting and working with these awesome players and interacting with them in the studio.

With all of that done it’s time for some Hammond B3 organ, which Dave Webb and Tim Hearsey at Stella Music added.

The final “seasoning” consists of some brilliant background vocals provided by Rebecca Shoichet (Sam’s sister)

At this point, it is time to mix the tracks, and send them for mastering… and Rob Stewart at has done a fantastic job!

And now, it is time to share the first track… Aunt Rosie.

You can hear a snippet below, and purchase the “Aunt Rosie” track on BandCamp for only a dollar.



Click here, to go to Earl Travis Taylor’s BandCamp Page.

Please let me know if you have any feedback!  

There will be more releases coming.

The next track will be “Lonely Ever After” in early January. (It will also be available for only a dollar a download!)

Thank you for checking it out… I hope you enjoy!’


Earl Travis Taylor


Aunt Rosie – Lyrics

Music & Lyrics © Earl Travis Taylor (additional lyrics by Jim MacGregor)

I’m quitting smoking with Aunt Rosie,
But you can bet it wasn’t her idea.
The doctor said she had to or she’d die,
But that doctor ain’t never seen Aunt Rosie’s deal.
You see her life’s a game of Texas Holdem’,
And to her the good life isn’t even real.
‘Cause she can drink a grown man under the table
And what she don’t win from him, she’ll steal.

I’m quitting smoking with Aunt Rosie,
And it’s the hardest thing I’ll ever have to do.
And I should have my sins forgiven,
For the hell that woman is putting me through.

The doctor said that if I really loved her,
I was gonna have to take her smokes away.

But first I was gonna have to stop her drinkin’,
Staying’ up all night, and sleeping half the day.

She says her troubles are few and far between,
And she rolled the biggest joint I ever seen!

I’m quitting smoking with Aunt Rosie,
And it’s the hardest thing I’ll ever have to do.
And I should have my sins forgiven,
For the hell that woman is putting me through.

So someone call the doctor,
‘Cuz I’ve been trying now for thirty days.

But I lost her over on the shady part of town.
She disappeared off into a smoky haze.

I’m quitting smoking with Aunt Rosie,
And it’s the hardest thing I’ll ever have to do.
And I should have my sins forgiven,
For the hell that woman is putting me through.